Achēv OneClient CRM


Achēv is a leading provider of programs and services—working with individuals seeking employment, employers, youth, newcomers and language services—focused on delivering the maximum social impact.

Achēv wanted to develop a CRM solution to enable their “One Client” vision, to manage clients for their varying services through a common application. Their team selected Cantan Group to help develop an end-to-end solution to achieve this vision.


  • Strategy
  • Architecture
  • Branding & Design
  • Implementation

A Unifying Vision

The team at Achēv were introduced to Odoo, a mature framework that would allow for a secure, elegant solution to the complex and multi-faceted requirements of the envisioned platform.

Through a rigorous Agile process, the team at Cantan Group were able to deliver a solution that met or exceeded every deliverable within the original timeline.

Correctly modelling the numerous Entities and Relationships that make up the system was a critical part of this project. Cantan Group was very thorough, ensuring completeness in modelling the clients’ real world. This helped ensure a robust product that scales across production workloads.

Additional capabilities were proposed and implemented within the scope of the project, allowing for a seamless solution and integrating the developed OneClient platform with external systems.

As we worked through the problem, business rules were adapted or developed by Achēv to better meet organizational requirements. Our teams managed to work successfully together communicating needs and requirements, developing a rapport based on consistent and quality output.

Brand Identity

An objective of the OneClient project was to ensure a consistent application of the existing Achēv branding guidelines. Cantan Group customized the base Odoo theme to deliver a delightful User Interface & Experience that is true to the Achēv identity, while maintaining future-proof compatibility with the Odoo platform.

Cantan Group developed the OneClient logo and branding elements, iterating over a number of illustrated concepts and collaborating with the designers at Achēv to deliver a seamless addition to their existing product and service lineup. Graphics were delivered in vector format to allow for ease-of-use in print and digital media. The brief for the logo was to encapsulate the diverse colour palettes representing key service areas at Achēv, provide a unifying representation of the OneClient application, and centering the iconic representation of the client that is served by the platform.

Achēv One Client

We were excited to be a part of this bold initiative by Achēv to unify and streamline their current processes. This engagement touched upon many of the strengths of our team which contributed to a successful delivery of the product. We are thankful for the opportunity and are always happy to help Achēv “achieve” their vision.