Black & McDonald

Over 100 years in business, Black & McDonald is one of North America’s most respected integrated, multi-trade service providers. With more than 5,000 employees working out of 30+ offices, their business units serve governments, institutions, and industry clients across Canada, the United States, and overseas.

Cantan Group was engaged by Black & McDonald to remediate 11 public websites to ensure that they meet the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). We took on this important task by embodying their value of “Do the job right … regardless.” In order to meet the highest levels of accessibility, Cantan Group delivered redeveloped themes that matched the existing theme and branding requirements while meeting WordPress’ accessibility best-practices.

Canadian Base Operators Homepage

In most cases, individual child-themes were developed for the underlying website ensuring a future-proof upgrade path. By basing the work on core WordPress themes, we ensured the highest levels of available support with zero vendor lock-in.

We ensured that the developed child themes matched the varying branding requirements of the individual micro-sites—ensuring both an accessible experience—combined with a delightful experience for users of the website.

We used both manual accessibility testing and automated checking across the Black & McDonald websites via ACHECKS, a leading Cantan Group product that helps organizations monitor and report on the accessibility of their websites.

Cantan Group took pride in communicating effectively with Black & McDonald staff—translating our knowledge and experience—with education and training throughout the engagement. We are proud of our work delivering accessible websites and look forward to supporting the Black & McDonald team in the years to come.

We are privileged to have been able to serve such a storied organization as Black & McDonald and honoured to have worked with their Marketing & Communications team to deliver this important project. We are ready and available to assist in their important goals going forward.

Black & McDonald